Thursday, March 31, 2011

Race advice from guest reporter, Wiley Dunlap, WRWR TV

(before reading below, imagine my voice getting louder and more intense as it progresses)'s all about the"W".. and it's all about you...there's no feat you can't accomplish....remember.. this is a RACE!.. the most pure of all competition... when you look to your left..and then look to your right.. there is just one thing to do..WIN.. they are people like you..all with different stories of how they got to this point..and none of that matters..cuz when the finish line approaches, you're the one who wants it're the one who has put in the hours of training.. and you're the one who will NOT fail.. it's very simple..JUST WIN!

(this may or may not have been the same speech given to a group of 8-12 year old boys and girls before a relay race)

side note to those who can fund him: this is part of my "Just Win" ad campaign that i'm working on for gatorade or nike..whoever pays more

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