Monday, February 21, 2011

Miles, Mimosas and Misgivings

This past weekend Kate, Chelsea and I took to the National Mall for our weekly run. Kristen was busy taking her adorable niece and nephew to the circus, and we hesitantly allowed her to do so, but only because she promised to bring us back snow cones.

Kate and Chelsea had six miles on their agenda while I had nine to do. We started at the Capitol and worked our way down the Mall and across the Memorial Bridge. I tacked on a few more miles along the Mount Vernon Trail before turning back and we all finished up at the Capitol. There's really nothing like running around the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and all of those in between. Every time I do it I feel happy. This weekend's run wasn't easy, though. It was tough and windy, but we got it done. Kate and Chelsea both surpassed the greatest distance they have ever run (at a pretty fast pace I might add!)- so we decided to celebrate with some brunch. Some brunch and some...


It is my personal belief that no brunch is complete without a bottomless cocktail option. Kate and Chelsea both opted for mimosas while I settled on my favorite alcoholic beverage accepted during breakfast hours: the bloody mary. We ate, drank and talked about our run and our work. I am very lucky to work with people who I consider wonderful friends. I'm going to choose to say no more about this brunch, but allow you to determine for yourselves how it went. I'll give one hint: we're really fun.

At some point during yesterday's run and eventful brunch, I decided that it was about time I get some new shoes. I always have trouble retiring a pair when I think about where they've taken me. These particular shoes have run me through DC, VA, NH, MA, UT, and CA. But every great pair has its limit, and these guys have dodged their very last DC tourist.

So I purchased a new pair today. And well, I'm having misgivings. In the past I've given a respectable (depending on who you are) amount of thought to the appearance of my running shoes. You've gotta like them to feel good in them, and you've gotta feel good in them to run (far) in them. But this time, I told myself I was a "real" runner and it didn't matter what color they were. Well. They're pink. And as much as I try to tell myself that "real" runners can wear pink shoes - I am just not buying it. I want my baby blues back. It could be a very long season... what do you think of the pink?


  1. Pink? Aw, c'mon now, those are white with pink accents. *Totally* acceptable for "real" runners. (Said the non-runner...)

  2. They're going back, Marie! I just can't deal. (They're also too big).