Saturday, February 26, 2011


Although running those 6 miles was a painful struggle for me...I was SO excited that we finished! It is the longest distance i had ever run (Kate too!) and it was truly an inspirational milestone for me. The run was a bit of a struggle due to my lack of sleep (60mph wind gusts) and my aching feet (hostessing for 6 hours the night before)... but I was lucky to have Kate by my side...she kept me going and even fooled me into running a little more than 6-ooops right? I'm so proud of us....brunch was a real celebration-an allllll day sunday celebration :)

Monday was a different story. I woke up the morning of my day off from work and felt, well, like CRAP.

stuffy nose
chest congestion
sore throat
the works.

Like everyone, I HATE getting sick. I rested all day with all things necessary to cure my illness:

a bunch of meds
giant sorority sized cup of water
movie Step Up(dont judge)
favorite comfy socks (thanks Aunt Jane!)

I have been sick now for a 4 days...but feeling a lot better today, and as weird as it sounds, all I want to do is work out and go running. I'm starting to realize that in order to get back to running, I really do need the rest. I have been googling all day trying to find an article saying "if you are sick a run will cure you!" but what im finding is that if you are truly need REST. So fine. I am now RESTING.

Thanks to nurse Erin for taking care of me:)

Can't wait to get back out there! 10 miles is just a little over ONE MONTH away!!

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